A comprehensive PDF-to-text and text-to-PDF document converter
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PDFTextConverter is a comprehensive PDF-to-text and text-to-PDF document converter. Together with these two main utilities, the program offers you an image extraction tool and also the possibility to create your own PDF layout from a given text file. Conversion in either direction can be performed to any number of files (of the same type) in one singe operation, thanks to its batch conversion support.

The way the various windows and tabs of the interface have been designed does not make PDFTextConverter the easiest and most intuitive program out there. Its comprehensive help files though may compensate for the somehow chaotic disposition of the different elements and buttons. However, once you have learned how to select the required input file(s) and the necessary steps that need to be taken, the conversion processes themselves are performed quickly and in a very efficient way (which really matters in the end). Thus, the resulting text and PDF files accurately reflect the content of their respective input files.

When it comes to text-to-PDF conversions, the program offers two interesting possibilities – an automatic conversion that allows for some basic settings and options, and a “manual”, fully-customizable conversion. The latter lets you paste your own text and decide on the layout of the output PDF file, including the font to be used, its color, the size of the resulting image, its position, the size of the page, etc.

Finally, we should not forget about its image extraction utility. Though this tool can work only with one PDF file at a time, it is capable of producing high-quality copies of the existing images in BMP format.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to design the layout of the PDF file when converting your own text.
  • Good quality image extraction tool


  • Its interface layout offers room for improvement
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